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I have always appreciated and enjoyed all aspects of art to such an extent that I feel I have to give everything a try...from photography, to sculpture, to traditional renderings with charcoal, oils, and watercolor.

All artists have a tremendous power over us, as the audience. For this reason, I choose to paint positive images that uplift, inspire and promote positive relationships in families, and in our communities.

Children are my inspiration. Their cherished qualities are priceless! My desire is to capture in my artwork the innocence and vibrancy that a child brings to this planet and the joy in life that resides within them and to celebrate their many positive attributes.


The joy I feel when creating a piece of artwork is more than I can express through words. I am indeed grateful for the love, kindness, and generosity God has shown toward me by giving me the avenue and ability to release my inner thoughts and desires onto a piece of canvas.


-Cyndi Waldron




Cyndi Waldron has been influenced by several wonderful and inspirational people who have taught her many things about art, love, and life.


Growing up, she spent many weekends and summer months with her grandmother who introduced her to drawing and painting. Cyndi received loving support and encouragement from this great lady and learned the value of the phrase “You won't succeed unless you try”.


During her High School years, Cyndi’s life was blessed by more great people who helped her find her path in life. By now, art had become a part of her... art was inseparable from her being. She looked to art for inner strength, self confidence, and even her self esteem was boosted by this power she had found in art.


Now grown, and after successfully raising three children, Cyndi decided to expand her knowledge and returned to school. With the support and encouragement of a loving husband, she earned her BFA degree from Utah Valley University in 2013.


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